Fosun need to find their Plan A at Wolves

Fosun need to find their Plan A at Wolves

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With speculation rife regarding Paul Lambert’s future at Wolves, David Evans examines the plans of owners Fosun going forward.

Just when you thought it was safe to put on your shorts, spread on the sun tan and relax for the summer, Wolves just go and make it all interesting for you.

Following increased speculation that Paul Lambert is about to leave his position at Wolves, it seems the rollercoaster hasn’t had it’s last ride.

From reports, it seems that the head coach’s exit is a matter of when, not if.

Lambert is apparently unhappy with super agent Jorge Mendes being lined up to drive this summers transfer recruitment.

Lambert is happy to work with the man behind Cristiano Ronaldo, but doesn’t want players to be signed without his knowledge.

What awaits is an announcement on his departure and a subsequent replacement, with former Middlesborough man Aitkor Karanka leading the charge.

Fans seem divided on their opinions of Lambert leaving Molineux.

Some see it as Fosun wanting to bring Wolves into the 21st Century on and off the field.

Others see it as de-stabilising a club which needed to settle down.

What happens next and subsequent results will ultimately answer whether Fosun’s summer change was actually for the better.

Comments made by Jeff Shi over the last ten months will be one’s which will be put under the spotlight.

The Director has flipped back and forth on his support for Jackett, Zenga and now potentially Lambert.

In Jeff Shi’s last interview with the club, you were given the impression of faith in Paul Lambert long term.

Lambert’s surprise exit would be the opposite.

Are Fosun already out of his depth in the footballing world?

Or, does this show a ruthless yet very successful organisation?

One who hasn’t just made their fortune and success by making decisions that all will be happy with.

One that shows that they need to make the big decisions to achieve their ambitions of Premier League football and beyond.

I am just speculating here, but I get the impression that Fosun and Wolves may be hurt that their ‘Plan A’ came up short last summer.

Former Porto manager Julen Lopetegui, now the Spain boss, was heavily linked with the Wolves role during last summer and back in November, admitted he nearly joined.

In this interview, Julen talked about how he and Wolves had been ‘working hand in hand for some time’.

Fosun had their man. Plans were in place. Potentially signing from Lopetegui were earmarked and agreed.

What happens when they aren’t executed?

With the takeover happening so late into the summer and Lopetegui choosing Spain over Molineux (Can you blame him?), Fosun’s potentially perfect plans disappear.

What comes next is a rush for players late into the window and executing a Plan B with little time to go.

What we may be seeing from Fosun and Wolves this summer is a re-imagining of their original Plan A.

Zenga may have been a hit and hope, and Lambert now seems like a experienced substitute teacher to keep the class going until school broke out for the summer.

With time on their hands, the club could re-boot and go again on their quest for Premier League football.

According to ya boy Tim Spiers, Fosun are currently in no rush to potentially hire a new head coach.

With what has been said previously on the head coaches over the season, Jeff and the gang will need to clarify the direction of the club when an announcement is made.

They need to clarify their long term plan. Hopefully to show the amibition they have and allay any fears of haphazard decisions which have stung other sides such as Blackburn Rovers and Nottingham Forest in the past.

Fosun will not want the latter reputation in England and back home. Especially given Mr Shi’s recent interview with Wolves where he hoped they would be seen as the best owners in the UK.

Amongst the fears of what the future might hold, there is exciting potential to what Wolves can achieve with their new found wealth.

The right formula just needs to be made.

It’s time for Fosun and co to find their Plan A again.

Host, producer and writer of Wolves Fancast.

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